Our Team

Karen Hickton

I’m Karen Hickton and I’m a body language specialist and women’s power coach.

But before my work, comes my children. I have one teenager who has learning disabilities and a 5 year old who thinks he’s a teenager. My children are a huge inspiration behind my work and both continue to drive the passion I have for my coaching.

There are two parts to my work; firstly I work with key influencers in business to increase their success in customer service, leadership and sales. The second part of my work is coaching women to develop their positive influence and discover their inner power.

I’ve studied body language and behaviour for over 20 years. With first hand experience as a middle manager in the NHS, many years as a trauma and recovery nurse and as a hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner, I have seen the impact of both poor and effective body language from the “shop floor upwards.”

I have a huge passion for supporting individuals and teams to communicate their message creatively and clearly. Awakening and using effective non-verbal communication enables us to transform all manner of relationships. For me, this is such rewarding work.