Access Auditing

All audits use current best practice, particularly the guidelines set by the Centre for accessible Environments.

We call upon our Associate Chris Cammiss to run our auditing work. Chris has been a permanent wheelchair user for most of his life and has a wealth of experience gained over many years supporting clients including Housing Associations and Public Sector organisations.

“An Access Audit performed by a qualified expert can transform your business. I can recommend simple, practical solutions which will enhance your business, bringing you more disabled visitors with their families who will want to return and will tell their friends about their positive experiences.

Audits will be tailored to suit the client. I have carried out Audits on a diverse range of destinations from museums to churches, night clubs to country parks, tower blocks to football stadia. I will discuss your proposed budget for the Audit and work within that figure.
An Audit could be as simple as a short “walk through” suggesting quick fixes backed up with a short report, right up to a major study recommending extensive building work.
Every Audit would end with a list of Priorities to inform future action.

An Audit will always give you a clear plan, and I can often suggest clear, practical solutions which you may have missed. Suggestions could include improvements to Signage, car park issues, choice of colours, management practices and so on which many would not consider to be disabled access issues at all.

Key to the successful implementation of Audit Priorities on a larger site will be staff training – for both paid staff and volunteers. Often you may be limited as to what physical changes you can make on your site however well-motivated you are – possible listed status, geographical issues, lack of finance – but if your staff are trained to understand the needs of disabled people and the specific relevance to your site, and training has made them comfortable and confident around disabled people, this will go a long way to mitigate apparently insurmountable physical problems.
We can help you to deliver this targeted training.

My Audits take full account of the needs of all major disability groups – my own mobility issues, visual impairment, hearing impairment, learning disabilities and mental health. I am always reviewing my work practice to reflect any new initiatives.

I might suggest changes which would take a long time and/or money to implement, particularly if you have a large complex site. In that case I could help you write your Access Statement where you explain in detail what improvements you intend to make and when they will be implemented.

Finally, although I’m a scientist and teacher, I’m also a father and grandfather, so I’ve brought up my family travelling the country to enjoy the wealth of historical, scenic, sporting opportunities etc which are on offer. I can give you relevant, positive, pragmatic advice gathered over many years living as a wheelchair user.

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