Our Team

Juliana Ejsymontt: Project administrator for the Accessible Calderdale project

I’ve worked for VU for over 3 years as Bookkeeper and I am also the
project administrator for the Accessible Calderdale project, After
graduating at Leeds Metrolpolitan University in 1995 with a degree in
Social Policy, I continued my love of social research which I had
enjoyed during my studies. Following this I manly worked in the
voluntary and community sector as an Organisational Development worker
whilst running my own payroll service, which I have been doing for over
27 years, in fact all my working life, first starting in a family
business. As I have got older, or shall I say ‘matured’, my priorities
in life have changed enormously. Last year I decided to up sticks and
go to live in Spain where I continue to live and work remotely. I now
work from my new home in Spain with the company of my gorgeous dog,
India, and in my spare time enjoy long walks in the countryside and
swimming in the lake with India.