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We need your help.

Calling all parent carers of children and young people with complex physical health needs and disabled adults with complex needs.

We are gathering the views of families and disabled people on their experiences of tourism and travel in London that will feed into the Mayor of London’s new London Plan (for 2019) which aims to increase the number of Changing Places in new developments.

We know on a personal level how travelling around the City has its issues for those of us who have a family member with complex needs.   We don’t fit into the category of manual wheelchair users or those who are paraplegic and our challenges can be quite different.

We want to hear your experiences of what works, what is challenging and what could be done to improve tourism for children, young adults and people with complex needs within the Greater London Authority.

This is a great opportunity for parent carers and disabled people to influence and make a difference to tourism in London for those with complex needs!

Please let us know your comments and views below and let’s make sure that London is inclusive to everyone.

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  1. We rarely take our daughter to London anymore. She’s only 9 but the city is so inaccessible for severely disabled travelers and although she adores the theatre, it’s simply always been her favorite thing to do, we am no longer take her due to lack of changing facilities. Most London restaurants are a nightmare to navigate in a large wheelchair as the tables are all crammed so closely together.. the underground is horrendously inaccessible to anyone In a wheelchair and buses too as the wheelchair space is always full of push chairs and drivers don’t ask parents to fold buggies. changing places? Not in London tourist attractions!

  2. Including Changing Places toilets in all new venues that are billing themselves as tourist attractions. Also including Changing Places facilities in all new public buildings listed in BS8300/2009 as places where facilities are a desirable recommendation (see link here for more information Asking for these facilities to be retrofitted into tourist attractions that don’t already have them, where this is possible. For these facilities to be well signposted and easily accessible ie via RADAR key to those people who need them (and so that time is not spent trying to find keys/keyholders etc. Changing Places toilets alongside a tradititional accessible toilet can be used by ANYONE, if there is not a huge amount of space then make these the option available rather than traditional male and female loos which exclude many.

  3. I travel to 2 London hospitals 2-3 times a year and need access to CP toilets . There are none at the hospital or on route. I can only visit London with my husband as a tourist to manually lift me onto the toilet. Other than no toilets we have found travelling and getting around tourist venues very good. I could visit more if there were toilets with hoists as I could travel with personal assistants who can only use a hoist to lift me. As a woman I feel particularly excluded from London due to lack of hoist assisted toilets. I can not attend event or conferences neither,.

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